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Wire Mesh Filter Discs and Sample Sets

At Belleville Wire Cloth, we’re a customer centric company that understands the needs of our clients; that’s why we offer disc and sample sets of wire mesh. These convenient sets have a range of mesh sizes and are ideal for various projects that may pop up. These sets are also a good resource when it comes to comparing different mesh sizes. All sets are shipped with identification labels clearly indicating mesh size and type. These sample sets can be ordered as fine, medium or coarse mesh assortments.

In addition to being handy as samples, these discs and samples sets can also be used as inline filters, inside pipes, tubes, ducts, and can often be used as replacement parts. Discs can be supplied in a wide range of diameters, or utilizing our waterjet cutting capabilities, they can be cut to larger sizes.

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304 Coarse Mesh Assortment


304 Discs


304 Fine Mesh Assortment


304 Medium Mesh Assortment


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