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Woven Wire Cloth

Belleville Wire Cloth’s line of woven wire cloth is widely used in applications such as filters, strainers, baskets, sieves, separators, and sorters. Woven wire mesh is the ideal choice for applications that require both precision and strength. This advanced material is available in various alloys, and forms such as rolls, cut pieces, and custom sizes. Weave types include plain, twill, Dutch, twilled Dutch, and reverse Dutch.

The variety of woven wire cloth material and weave designs allow this material to be used in many common and not so common applications. This includes filters/strainers, gas diffusion, dewatering, burners, vent and Nox screens, sizing/sifting, drying and much more.

Filter Wire Cloth

At Belleville Wire Cloth we provide superior filter wire cloth, with features that make it the right choice for your next filtration project. Our filter wire cloth is comprised of a heavy warp wire which is much stronger and more durable than similarly rated square weave mesh. Because of the precise geometrical structures that our manufacturing processes produce, our filter cloth holds a uniform porosity that far exceeds those found in fibrous or synthetic filter material.

Belleville filter wire cloth features more wires in the “shute” direction than the “warp” direction of the mesh pattern. This mesh is easy to clean, and can be woven from various materials into several weaving patterns.

Belleville filter wire cloth is ideally suited for applications such as filtration, straining, separation of solids, and clear filtration of liquids. Other liquid filtration uses include water treatment, cleaning of fuels and hydraulic fluids, and many other liquid filtration processes.

Precision Welded Wire Cloth

The precision welded wire cloth offered by Belleville Wire Cloth provides enhanced strength and versatility for applications in industries such as agricultural, mining, industrial equipment, and many more. This quality wire cloth is engineered and manufactured with a number of characteristics that make it the ideal choice for a wide range of uses.

Belleville’s welded wire cloth’s square grid of uniformly placed wires is welded together at all intersections, keeping opening size in the joints uniform. To achieve this feature, warp and shute wires are laid flat on top of one another without being crimped. They are then welded together at the intersections. This equates to enhanced strength and uniformity.

This cloth is available in rolls, cut pieces and custom forms.

Wire Mesh Filter Discs and Sample Sets

At Belleville Wire Cloth, we’re a customer centric company that understands the needs of our clients; that’s why we offer disc and sample sets of wire mesh. These convenient sets have a range of mesh sizes and are ideal for various projects that may pop up. These sets are also a good resource when it comes to comparing different mesh sizes. All sets are shipped with identification labels clearly indicating mesh size and type. These sample sets can be ordered as fine, medium or coarse mesh assortments.

In addition to being handy as samples, these discs and samples sets can also be used as inline filters, inside pipes, tubes, ducts, and can often be used as replacement parts. Discs can be supplied in a wide range of diameters, or utilizing our waterjet cutting capabilities, they can be cut to larger sizes.
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